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Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual guidance comes from the world of spirit.

Guidance is given on:

  • present life situation
  • relationships
  • career
  • skills
  • spirituality
  • guides working with you
  • past lives
  • lessons needed to be learnt in this incarnation
  • inspirational message from the spirit world


If you wish to book a one-hour session, please call or text 07508 360899 to arrange a convenient date and time.  A reading will be on the telephone or via Skype and will be recorded and thereafter sent via email. 


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Inspiration from Guides

Inspiration from Guides

We of the spirit hierarchy raise our vibrations to accept our own teachings from those who have moved further along...

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Workshops are enlightening and fun; you get to meet likeminded people in which you can share your experiences and...

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Welcome to Inner Journey, offering Seichim and intuitive & psychic healing and spiritual workshops and readings.

I have been a healer and medium for a number of years, having participated in a psychic and mediumship development group as well as undertaken training as a Spiritual Healer and thereafter Reiki Healer/Teacher. After I taught Reiki for a few years I became interested in Seichim; I was in Australia at the time and was introduced a Seichim teacher who coincidently was conducting workshops for Level I & Master while I was there, and subsequently I attended the workshops and learned how to attune and teach Seichim.

Please find information about this wonderful energy and if you like to be attuned to Seichim please contact me on 07508 360899 or email