Welcome to Our Healing Topics & Spiritual Observations Blog

Welcome to Our Healing Topics & Spiritual Observations Blog

26 April 2021

Welcome to Our Healing Topics & Spiritual Observations Blog

I am new to blogging so please bear with me as I ramble along with various healing and spiritual topics that I feel would be of interest to you. I’ve no idea of the right words to use as a blogger so I’ll just have to write what comes to mind and hope for the best. All this new way of communicating with people is a total mystery to me but I find it’s great that I can put my thoughts down and hopefully help others so that they do not feel too much alone along their particular journey – this word I just love – because we are all on a journey even though we don’t know why or where we’ll end up sometimes!

Anyway, I’ve been interested in exploring spiritual matters for a long time – over 25 years at least. I started out in a development circle learning how to use my psychic abilities. I had no idea I was going to do this, but when out walking the dog one morning a voice came from nowhere and said ‘Go into a development circle’. Which I did. I started my journey with the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Whilst there I also became a Spiritual Healer, and thereafter took courses in Reiki and became a Reiki Master, which led me to teach Reiki courses at a London college for a few years and then eventually at home in Royston, Hertfordshire, UK. Along the way I undertook workshops in various other modalities such as Theta® Healing, Karuna® Reiki, Kinesiology and also meditation, as well as investigating spiritual teachings through reading and attending seminars, listening to those teachers who were further along the pathway.

It was in 2001 while in Australia visiting friends that I became interested in Seichim – my friends are also Reiki healers and teachers – and attended a workshop through their friend. Once back at home I started teaching Seichim also.

You may be starting out on your own spiritual and healing journey, or you might have been on this pathway for some time, but nevertheless you will have discovered what an interesting and fascinating field that you have entered into, and you will also have found there is a lot of information in the world with regards to healing – not only for yourself but for healing others – there being many modalities that you can undertake to become a therapist. I always feel this is a great time to be here and experience the various and expansive knowledge that teachers of healing and other metaphysical subjects have given, and are giving us, so that we can explore our own abilities and pass on our knowledge to others, for them to grow and carry the baton for those who follow them.

I hope by the way of this blog [blogging] that I am able to impart some of my own knowledge – however helpful this may be – to benefit those who read the blogs and maybe impart what they have found useful to others, who in turn might explore and think about what interests them and perhaps pass on their knowledge, and so it goes round and round.

I don’t want my blogs to be just inspirational – even though that’s useful and good in itself – but also be informative to you, as you may have worried about your own journey and where you fit in with the rest of the world.

I, myself, have struggled while walking on my own pathway, as I’ve always thought that I was not good enough, smart enough, intelligent enough – almost anything enough – and all the time feeling out of step with the rest of the world, as if I didn’t belong. I think I’ve been on a quest for accepting myself, judging myself less, criticizing myself less – although when I come to think of it criticisms by me were even harsher than when criticized by others – even the little things I did were criticized. However, I believe those who aired their criticisms of me were more about themselves, even though they never realized it. So, along the way I’ve had to accept and learn how to deal with this and other challenges, but believe that with the backing of the spiritual knowledge accumulated throughout my time, it made it easier for me.

As the blog progresses I will share more about my challenges as well as tips regarding healing and spiritual topics that have helped me in one way or another. In my time I’ve come across teachers and students who have passed on their views and opinions which I’ve chewed over and found they resonated with me, which enabled me to understand myself and other people a bit more, as well as through my observations of the world, and therefore through these blogs I will endeavor to write about.

If you’re reading this blog, you are also on the spiritual path along with me and do hope that we can help each other, as we need people to be our inspiration, to show us that we can accomplish all that we set out to achieve. It’s easy to write these words I know, but a lot harder to put into practice the faith that we need in ourselves to realise that there is a part of us that wants to go forward; it’s almost like putting our life in the hands of the gods as it were, but deep inside of us we have all the skills and abilities we need to attain our goals – whether spiritual or physical.

Having faith in oneself is not easy but if you say it clearly and loudly enough to yourself it will become fact, because as you say so you do! There are many books in circulation right now that can help you with whatever problems you have. Do know though, it’s worth investing in yourself – however you do it – either through books, workshops or courses – that investment will be yours for life and no-one can ever take it away from you, and you can only add to that investment and not lose by it.

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed my first ever blog; it’s been interesting for me to write it; I thought it’d be hard but I’ve found it quite easy to be honest and somehow satisfying. I look forward to writing my next blog. Take care and keep smiling.


Welcome to Inner Journey, offering Seichim and intuitive & psychic healing and spiritual workshops and readings.

I have been a healer and medium for a number of years, having participated in a psychic and mediumship development group as well as undertaken training as a Spiritual Healer and thereafter Reiki Healer/Teacher. After I taught Reiki for a few years I became interested in Seichim; I was in Australia at the time and was introduced a Seichim teacher who coincidently was conducting workshops for Level I & Master while I was there, and subsequently I attended the workshops and learned how to attune and teach Seichim.

Please find information about this wonderful energy and if you like to be attuned to Seichim please contact me on 07508 360899 or email spiritualcourses@aol.com

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