29 April 2021


Workshops are enlightening and fun; you get to meet likeminded people in which you can share your experiences and knowledge. The tutors also bring their own experiences and knowledge to the workshop and share those with the participants.

I have attended many a workshop – in-person and online [in these times] – and have met some wonderful people and which we still keep in touch today. It’s good to know that there are people out there that think in the same way – and also makes you feel you’re not going mad. I found it’s also nice to have an interest in things other than the usual and normal physical life. This interest uplifts my energy and the attraction to spiritual knowledge has broadened my thinking and lifted me out of the physical energy, and it has allowed me to share whatever knowledge that has entered my own energy.

Back to workshops:

There are many workshops available – especially at this time of the pandemic – online, where spiritually you will find an abundance of information that can help you enormously and answer questions that you may have on spiritual and healing subjects, along with other topics such as meditations, psychic and mediumship development, energy clearing, channeling, communicating with your guides etc.


Welcome to Inner Journey, offering Seichim and intuitive & psychic healing and spiritual workshops and readings.

I have been a healer and medium for a number of years, having participated in a psychic and mediumship development group as well as undertaken training as a Spiritual Healer and thereafter Reiki Healer/Teacher. After I taught Reiki for a few years I became interested in Seichim; I was in Australia at the time and was introduced a Seichim teacher who coincidently was conducting workshops for Level I & Master while I was there, and subsequently I attended the workshops and learned how to attune and teach Seichim.

Please find information about this wonderful energy and if you like to be attuned to Seichim please contact me on 07508 360899 or email

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