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Intuitive & Psychic Development

1-day workshop


This workshop offers an opportunity to discover your psychic ability in a safe and grounded way.

We will explore different communication methods, such as : 

  • reading the energy of objects (psychometry), e.g. ribbons, jewellery, cards etc.
  • giving a reading from a flower
  • sensing the energy of colour
  • reading each other’s energy field [aura]
  • opening up your charkas, close down and ground yourself
  • sensing your spirit guide
  • communicating with those in spirit [clairvoyance]
  • automatic writing
  • meditation

Through these practical exercises you will be taught how to expand your awareness and become confident in using your intuition/psychic ability.

You will work in pairs and as a group and learn to give psychic and clairvoyant readings for others.


Workshops are held in Royston, Hertfordshire (c30 mins from Cambridge and c45 mins from London Kings Cross).

If you would like to attend this workshop, please call or text 07508 360899 or email for dates and more information.





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Welcome to Inner Journey, offering Seichim and intuitive & psychic healing and spiritual workshops and readings.

I have been a healer and medium for a number of years, having participated in a psychic and mediumship development group as well as undertaken training as a Spiritual Healer and thereafter Reiki Healer/Teacher. After I taught Reiki for a few years I became interested in Seichim; I was in Australia at the time and was introduced a Seichim teacher who coincidently was conducting workshops for Level I & Master while I was there, and subsequently I attended the workshops and learned how to attune and teach Seichim.

Please find information about this wonderful energy and if you like to be attuned to Seichim please contact me on 07508 360899 or email